丸子 芳史
Yoshifumi Maruko


AD planning: I have internet marketing ability, successful in more than 100 companies so far.
AD planning ability: Web analysis, Internet promotion, low-cost marketing, area marketing.

WEB Direction: Over ten years I have produced more than 400 websites. I can design and code, but my responsibility is WEB direction.
Programming ability: Movable Type, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, PHP, MySQL, CentOS 7, AWS etc.

Consulting: I will consult the company about the Internet. Perform business analysis and revenue improvement by PDCA cycle, and carry out profit increase in annual contract. I will build a system that can continue to grow, not rapid growth.

Branding: Support branding of small business. I introduce from inner branding to outer branding in a systematic way and do my branding facilitation to build a branding culture in a company.


  • 株式会社アサヒマーケティング
    • WEBマーケティング事業部責任者
    • ブランディングファシリテーター
    • 採用責任者


  • WEB技術関連
    HTML、CSS、Javascript、PHP、Perl、MTML、AWS(Amazon Web service)、CentOS7、MySQL、nginx、Apache、Moveable Type、WordPress
  • フォトグラフ
    Nikon D700、Lightroom
  • 動画編集
    Premiere、After Effect
  • デザイン関連
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